Partnering with a Product Development Specialist to Fast Track Your New Product Launch

June 19, 2023

With new food and beverage products being frequently introduced in the grocery store aisles, it makes you consider how often manufacturers are brainstorming and testing new products that consumers aren’t aware of quite yet. Product development is important for a variety of reasons – from keeping your products competitive in the marketplace to ensuring your products are high quality before being introduced. With that comes time and capital that must be invested into the process. Finding the right partner in the process can play a critical role in product success and take some stress off of you.

At Sweet Solutions, our product development process is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs, aligning focus to what is most important for your product and customer base. The process starts with a collaborative review to understand your product vision and goals and then moves on to concept development, which includes researching and testing various ingredients and formulations to create a product that meets your designed specifications. With our expertise in specialty ingredients for the nutrition industry, we have a deep understanding of how ingredients and flavors work together, plus plenty of industry experts as resources to support the development process.

Once your product has been given the green light, the manufacturing facility at Sweet Solutions is an ideal space to produce your product, either as your brand or as a private label manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art facility is SQF level II compliant, meeting all food safety, quality, and GMP compliance standards.

And we know that introducing a new product can be tricky – which is why our low minimum order quality (MOQ) production runs help your budget. We want to work together throughout the entire process to make the best possible product and experience.

Ready to get cooking? Contact us today, and we look forward to working with you to bring your food product ideas to life!